About Us


Enjoy life.  Enjoy food.  Enjoy the moment.  

Welcome to The Limping Wolf Woodcraft, where we're passionate about wood, design and functional art. Chances are, you are here for a board to hold onto for generations to come. Whether it be for your family or as a gift for someone special, we have what you are looking for. Also, we love custom orders and the excitement of working with an idea and bringing it to life.

If you are anything like us, you love getting together with family and friends, cooking, sharing stories and laughter (lots of it). We believe the best memories happen around the dinner table surrounded by loved ones, enjoying a great meal. What really makes us thankful is knowing that we can be part of that experience and be there for years to come.

If you are curious about our name, we can assure you that no wolfs were hurt in the making. The name actually comes from our leader, Wolfgang. He does indeed walk with a limp from hang gliding a few moons ago. He damaged a nerve in his foot on landing and it never grew back. We couldn't resist the name, The Limping Wolf.

Wolfgang moved from Austria to Canada in 2010, when he accepted the Maintenance Manager position at the luxurious Sparkling Hill Resort and Spa. This is where Wolfgang and Ashley first met and well, you know the rest. Many of Wolfgang's custom designs and furniture pieces can be found at the hotel, including the large wooden flower pots found at the entrance, the tree fountain in the steams and saunas and the comfortable lounge chairs throughout the Spa. 

We're a family run business located in Vernon in the heart of the Okanagan Valley. All boards and projects are handmade by Wolfgang and assisted by his Wife, Ashley and sometimes their two young girls. Wolfgang is a master craftsman, certified engineer in furniture design and second-generation European cabinet maker. Along with looking after the family, Ashley's gifts combine food and wine. A trained Chef and wine lover, the pairing is perfect! We all know that a good chef always requires a presentation piece.

We started humbly, like the majority of small businesses. While making an outdoor table from a wine barrel, Wolfgang stumbled upon how extraordinarily beautiful the inside of the barrel was. Hidden was the dark stain and traces of the wine that once was and the promise of future stories told over a glass of wine. This led to the discovery that these barrels could have another life, as functional art. What started with a fruit bowl, has now grown into a stunning line of wine barrel boards, from serving trays to charcuterie boards and clocks. 

The Limping Wolf Sales Team